Hello familiars, hello strangers

It was a whole new chapter of my journey. New country, new language, new people. I was alone again. Originally I had planned to travel alone all the time, but it turned out I spend all my time travelling with friends, plans can change easily.When I left Thailand I suddenly felt so little and lost again, I had no idea where I am going, I didn’t even knew how to say ‘Thank You’. At the same time, that made me think about Thailand in a whole new way. Looking back on these six intense and magic month I feel like I found a second home in this country.But- it was time for something new. Also I decided to choose a new way of travelling by using couchsurfing instead of sleeping in hostels as I never did that before. My final destination was Bali, but before I wanted to see some other places of Java, the biggest island of the Archipelago.


Arriving in Jakarta was a big shock. I thought Bangkok was hell, but Jakarta is worse. In my entire life I have never seen so much traffic jam. It was incredible. There is no such thing as strolling around the city, this city is just enormously big and crowded. Thanks two my lovely hosts I had a very good time even if Jakarta was not really my favourite place. The two girls, who hosted me took so much time and effort to show me around, to take me to local delicious food places and just to hang out and have fun. I learned a lot about Indonesian history, its diverse cultural heritage and of course about the delicious food. I have to admit I definitely prefer the Indonesian food, it is very vegetarian friendly and brings a lot of fermented products such as tofu and tempe.


waterfall close to Yogyakarta


IMG_8246The next city I went to was called Bandung and is one of the biggest cities of Java.It was the first time on my journey I got really sick; actually it was just a cold but a really bad one. Being sick in the house of a complete stranger made me feel very awkward and uncomfortable. Even on this terrible day, life surprised me again. I can hardly find words for the hospitality of my host, she let me sleep in her bed and slept on the floor herself, she brought me food and medicine. This experience thought me a lot about humanity. I am so grateful to have met all those generous people who are willing to share so much for nothing but your company. Discovering Bandung I also met so many other friendly and open locals, all of them helped me find the public transport and one got me a ride to the bus station.

Borobudur, Buddhist temple
family on the bus

An other very beautiful city of Java is Yogyakarta. It is a place famous for the beautiful Batics of Indonesia and also a city full of students and travellers. This time I stayed with a family who hosted many other people besides me. Together we had a very funny and memorisable time having delicious dinner together in local places and going on a scooter trip to an incredibly beautiful waterfall. In Yogya I met so many open and active people from the couchsurfing community, it was a big pleasure to meet all of them.


streets of Ubud

My last stop in Indonesia was Bali. After Java it felt strange to go back to the very touristic places of Bali. Besides the smaller areas Bali is actually very crowded and the traffic in Kuta is nearly as bad as in Jakarta. Nevertheless there is a reason why people love to go to Bali. I had the impression that everything there is just beautiful, it seemed like the Balinese culture is so colourful and rich. Walking through Ubud felt unreal.Again I had a very good time my host who brought me to adorable, cheap food places and we had so much fun listening to music and having good conversations.

good times in Canguu

Visiting Ubud I encountered a Balinese traditional healer and her grandfather. I was allowed to take part in a holy Balinese ceremony to remove bad spirits and she gave me traditional herbal medicine. Meeting this woman made my stay in Bali even more unique and magic. A place I loved on Bali as well was Canguu where I stayed in a hostel because it was quiet difficult to find a host. Canguu is a lovely quiet area with various beaches. The beaches are well known for surfing, therefore I decided to overcome my fears and took a couple of surfing lessons. It turned out that surfing is so fun; even if it was very nerve-racking for me I definitely loved it. When I have been to beaches before I just went sunbathing, therefore surfing was a whole new experience of being at the seaside.

Finally the month in Indonesia passed so quick and leaving all the nice people in Canguu was hard, but even the best times end and the good thing I learned is, that every single day brings a new experience in my life. There was no day in all those seven month without a smile.

Thanky to all the generous people I met in Indonesia!

Terima kasih, suksma

stay free


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